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Korocreek Golf Course and Wildlife Estate, Modimolle, Limpopo Province


Grey-Headed Bush Shrike

View from living area

Birdlife is prolific with many stunning birds such as the Grey-headed Bush Shrike, Black-headed Oriole, Woodland Kingfisher and so many more across the habitat mix of open grassland, perennial water, mixed woodland, and acacia thornveld.

We have put up nesting boxes and feeding sites around the house, which attract a wide variety of terrestrial birds, while the golf course, and surrounding natural mixed bushveld and water, adds further to the biodiversity of birdlife to be seen.

To date (January 2016) the bird list for the estate stands at over 180 species and is expanding steadily. An early morning walk in summer for example can easily produce close on a hundred bird.


Particularly appealing are the many non-aggressive mammal species that can be seen close to the lodge. None of the ‘Big Five’ animals - elephant, buffalo, lion, rhino and leopard - have been introduced making it safe to roam at will free of fear of being charged by a buffalo!

  • Nyala and Impala are daily visitors to our salt lick and indigenous aloe garden, while shy, but not always secretive Common Duiker and Bushbuck, are frequently seen browsing in the open woodland below the deck.

  • Early morning sightings of Red Hartebeest and Burchell’s Zebra grazing peacefully alongside family groups of Warthog

  • Most delightful are the smaller mammals seen during day such as Bushveld Tree Squirrels, Banded Mongooses, Slender-tailed Mongooses, and during the night, Scrub Hares, African Civet, as well as Lesser Galagos, Woodland Dormouse on our nectar feeders(!) and White-tailed Mongooses, while the more robust, coarse-coated Water Mongoose is occasionally seen dashing across the road after dark.

Bushveld Tree Squirrel Slender Mongoose

African Rail African Green Pigeon

Black Headed Oriole Little Sparrowhawk keeps a watch for prey

African Jacana White-bellied Sunbird

Female Nyala in Aloe Garden White Helmet-Shrike

Herd of Impala, regular visitors Night-time visitor, African Civet

Red Hartebeest Crowned Plover

Warthogs Magnificent Male Nyala
[ Images courtesy of Warwick Tarboton and Patrick Cardwell ]

" A v i a n    L e i s u r e    i s    c o m m i t t e d    t o    r e s p o n s i b l e    t o u r i s m    p r a c t i c e s "

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